Cost is $30 per hour

** UPDATE- as of September 23, 2016 we have a full time catering space available!!  Check back often as things change in the kitchen from week to week.  If anyone needs to be in a commercial kitchen please fill out the application below and depending on what you are creating we may be able to find space for you.

We currently have commercial kitchen space available for local businesses that desire a perfectly clean kitchen. All appliances are new and clean.  Due to the limited commercial kitchen spaces offered in Houston these slots fill up fast.  There is an application process and all users need to be Commercial Kitchen Manager certified.   I charge $30 per hour for all users.

We provide the space, prep tables, the city approved kitchen with large appliances including double convection gas oven, gas cook top, gas grill,  deep fryer and oversized braiser, you provide the rest.  Rental times will be 24/7 so no matter what time you need to cook or prep, we can accommodate you… well, until we are booked.

Commercial Kitchen Application